Lions Club of Gandhidham is a 55 year old club having a membership strength of 203 members.
One of the ten oldest clubs of our Lions Ditrict 3232-J and 2nd in the entire district as far as membership strength is concerned, our club is truly a cosmopolitan club. Having members from all walks of life and almost all states of our country,our club boasts of having the most MEGA PERMANENT PROJECTS in the entire district. We have a Galaxy of leaders including 2 Past District Governors,26 Past Presidents and 10 MJFs amongst our members. One of a very few Lions Clubs having their own premises, our club has a huge Community Centre of its own since the year 1975. Befitting our slogan "We Serve", our club has, over the years added many Permanent Projects that truly serve the society in all spheres of life. In addition to sight programs, Lions Club of Gandhidham is committed to providing services for youth. Lions clubs also work to improve the environment, build homes for the earthquake victims, support diabetes education, conduct hearing programs and, through their LCIF foundation, provide disaster relief around the world. We also have projects like, Sapling distribution, Tricycle distribution, Medical camps in villages and different schools, Diabetic retinopathy camps, Painting competitions for school children, Felicitation of teachers and entertainment programmes on Teachers’ day, fruits distribution to patients in hospitals, Khadi distribution on Gandhi Jayanti and many other activities throughout the year. In our club premises where members meet for their regular meetings. Club has been carrying our various community service activities through out the year but there are some services which are being provided to township on permanent basis. The permanent projects are:

  1. Tricycle distribution
  2. Throughout the four decades of incessant, unceasing exemplary services to the people of the
    township, the one permanent project which is called out every year - throughout these years is
    tricycle distribution. Many handicapped needy people are benefited from this project.

  3. Lions hall for social functions
  4. Our club building was recently renovated with all the latest facilities and utilities. It is now a fully
    air-conditioned hall having a capacity of around 300 people. With a very big stage, latest lighting
    and sound systems, it is now one of the best halls available for organizing any kind of events.It
    is aesthetically designed with the help of professional interior designers. The outer stage is also
    fully renovated, the ground leveled with a raised compound wall for better privacy. The wall
    connecting the garden is also removed to give the whole area better ambience and space
    for people to move freely. On the whole it is the most modern hall in the city.

  5. Sapling distribution
  6. A dwelling looks barren without shrubs. A town looks desolate without trees. A house and a clean city does not
    necessarily mean a happy citizen so after taking up the "Make city clean" drive the next logical step was to take
    up "Make City Green" drive. In fact this trend of distributing free sapling procured from the Social Forestry Division
    to the people of the township has been a longstanding tradition of our club. Since 1980-81, for almost 30 years,
    this project has been one of our permanent projects. Every year approx. 7500 saplings are distributed.

  7. Navratri Mahotsav
  8. This major fund raising event has been a permanent feature of our club for the past 13 years and
    is very popular with the masses. Adjudged the best Navratri in town by AlfaT V Gujarati Channel,
    the nine nights of revelry and rituals earn a handsome amount of funds. These are duly spent on
    developing and upkeep of the Lions Park and other socila activities.

  9. LPG Crematorium
  10. A LPG Crematorium (first of its kind in entire Kutch District) has been recently dedicated to the people of
    Adipur- Gandhidham to save the huge amount of wood used in cremation and thereby saving our trees –
    our environment. Built at a total cost of Rs. 45 lakhs this crematorium is a boon for over 4 lakh residents
    of this twin township built in Adipur Smashan Gruh. A temple is also built at a cost of Rs. 1 lakh near this

  11. Lions Gardern
  12. The Lions Park, adjacent to our Lions Community center has been a long cherished dream come true for
    our club.A beautiful garden, built at a total cost of around 30 lakhs adjacent to our club building, is a boon
    to the residents of the nearby colonies. Recently a SKATING RING costing Rs. 6 lakhs has been built in
    the garden. In one corner of the garden a LIBRARY has been added at a cost of Rs. 8 lakhs having
    comfortable sitting arrangements and lots of books for the old people and children coming to the garden.

  13. Blood Collection Vehicle
  14. As you know, blood is a life saving medicine, which works wonders in certain medical treatments and
    life threatening situations. It is an emergency medicine.Our society is today threatened by scarcity
    of blood. The only source of blood right now is human being. Blood donation gives a proud feeling
    of touching someone’s life in such a beautiful way.It’s an experience that no words can define.You have
    to donate blood yourself to find out. By keeping the blood line flowing, you will greatly contribute towards
    a healthier,happier society. We, the Lions of Gandhidham have been regularly organizing Blood Donation
    Camps and collecting blood from voluntary donors with the help of IMA Blood Bank since so many years.

  15. Medical Van
  16. A bloodmobile is a mobile blood donation center. It is a vehicle (usually a bus or a large van) equipped with
    everything necessary for a blood donation procedure. Blood drives involving bloodmobiles usually happen
    in public places such as colleges and churches Donated by Lion Abhay Oswal Trust, this mini hospital on
    wheels costing Rs. 35 lakhs was dedicated through the worthy hands of International Director MJF Ln Aruna
    Oswal. This ultramodern mobile medical van has all the latest facilities including an operation theatre where
    minor operations can be performed.

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